Thank you for your interest in the Student Governor Support programme.

NUS believes that all providers can create genuine student engagement in governance. This is what the Student Governor Support Programme, or SGSP has been established to support the sector to do.

The SGSP is a blended learning and collaboration package for student governors, college boards, senior leaders and staff who support learner voice within further education.

With the support of the Education & Training Foundation and the Association of Colleges, we use a combination of online learning and opportunities for collaboration, webinars, social media alongside regional and national events to increase the profile and impact of student engagement within governance.

You can register for the new programme now by clicking the register tab. You can also download the programme brochure and price list below.

If you have any questions, please contact Angelina Linker.

Download the SGSP brochure.

Download the SGSP 2015/16 Price list.